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SqlSaturday – This weekend in Tampa!

Well here we go again – more great free developer events in central Florida.

This time it’s SqlSaturday in Tampa.  There is a great lineup of sessions.  I’ve decided to attend these:

  1. Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services by Brian Knight
  2. TBA by Joe Celko
  3. Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services by Xidan Zhou
  4. 20 Things You Need to Know About Analysis Services by Mark Landry

As you can see I’m specifically targeting session covering business intelligence.  I also have to indulge and check out Joe Celko. 

If you haven’t heard of him I HIGHLY recommend you read his book: SQL for Smarties.

On a side note – someone is keeping a blog of things that Celko says out and about on forums.  It’s the next best thing to the man keeping a blog himself!

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