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SharePoint ClientSide Extensions

I had a bright idea for a fairly simple SharePoint feature a few months ago when one of my students showed me the extensive work they had done using JavaScript via the Content Editor Web Part.

My idea was to allow for a simple way to "get JavaScript frameworks on the page".  This would allow non-technical users to simply copy and paste various little JavaScript widgits from around the web and place them on their SharePoint page.

I began working on the feature slowly, mostly during commercial breaks and other short bursts of free time. I finished the simple idea rather quickly – but then I let the scope creep monster attack.  I kept adding more and more features UNTIL…

Recently when other blogger’s implemented very similar ideas. Most notably:

So I decided to stop making small tweaks and additions and get this code out into the wild, it obviously has a need.

With that said, I’d like to introduce you to the

SharePoint ClientSide Extensions

SharePoint ClientSide Extensions is a simple SP solution. Once you add the solution, a site feature is provisioned which, when activated, gives you this screen in the Look and Feel column of the site administrator:


You can add any of the above JavaScript libraries to your site, and then, via JavaScript in a Content Editor Web Part, access them.  This gives users instant access to the various widgits and UI components that these libraries provide.

For times sake I haven’t whipped up an example of how you might use this, but I will post that soon. Until then feel free to grab the WSP and play around with it.

I also want to point out that Jan and Gunnar have done a great job and I wanted to acknowledge their work.

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