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I’m a Gooroo!

In 2015 my blog lagged behind a bit as I found Twitter to be a much more engaging place to share my thoughts.

However, from time to time I need an outlet larger than 140 characters to capture an idea, or explain a concept I’d like to cover. Given that, I’ve decided to give a try. The hope is that like Twitter, the Gooroo platform will help provide an engaging community in which to share, but with a sufficient amount of “ink”.

I’ve published my first post of the year there. It’s titled “Two Strategies for Crossing Origins with Performance in Mind” which briefly describes how cross origin requests work in the browser, and more importantly covers several strategies for improving CORS performance.

I’ll still continue to post content here from time to time, but if you regularly read this blog, please follow along with me on Gooroo (and Twitter) as well.

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