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Seriously Open, Definitely Required

More and more it feels like the tide for .NET based open source projects is beginning to change and mature.

It’s been awhile since the Outercurve Foundation was created, providing a home for great open source projects like NuGet, MVC Contrib and xUnit. The foundation isn’t perfect, but it is a big step in the right direction.

More recently, MonkeySquare was created to evangelize cross  platform and open-source development in .NET. Dale Ragan and the team at MonkeySquare also put on a great open source conference called MonkeySpace which is coming up at the end of July in Chicago.

So we’ve got foundations, evangelism groups, conferences – and now, a podcast!


Seriously Open is a podcast about open source in the .NET ecosystem hosted by Nick Berardi, and Justin Rusbatch who do a great job extending the conversation beyond the typical OSS fare, delving into interesting topics such as project structure, project guidelines and the social interactions that make a project succeed (or fail).

They’ve published two episodes so far and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them both. (To be fair, I was on the second episode along with my good buddy Anthony van der Hoorn talking about our experience with Glimpse, but we were completely honored to be their first guests!)

If you are a .NET developer looking to shake things up, an OSS contributor, user or project maintainer than Seriously open is definitely required listening.

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