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NYC Code Camp Presentations

This weekend I attended and presented at the 7th (mostly) annual Code Camp NYC.

It was a great event put on my a host of wonderful volunteers, speakers and sponsors. (Full disclosure: my employer, Red Gate, was one of the sponsors.)

In my first session, Glimpse: Taking a look inside your server, I basically re-presented the presentation Anthony and I gave at aspConf. You can find the video of that talk on Channel 9.

For my second session I presented new talk based on some of the things I’ve been learning at Red Gate. The talk, called Performance Profiling 101, was really well attended, with a few rows of people sitting on the floor!


We handed out copies of Jean-Philippe Gouigoux’s excellent book Practical Performance Profiling: Improving the efficiency of .NET code to all who attended. (The book is also available as a free PDF download.) I highly recommend reading this book if you are at all interested in performance and performance profiling

The slides from the presentation are posted online, however, the resource hyperlinks at the end of the deck are not retained by SpeakerDeck. I’ve reported a bug/feature request to SpeakerDeck, but until that is resolved I’ve included the resources here:


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