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Front End Web Developer Podcasts

I’ve always been a “jack of all trades” web developer. For most of my projects I’ve owned everything from the client side HTML/CSS/JavaScript to the server side processing/database/service calls.

I find it very easy to focus on the server side, especially in the .NET community, with all the great things to play with in ASP.NET MVC, NuGet packages, SQL Server improvements, etc. Recently, however, I’ve really been enjoying getting back into client side development. The browser vendors are moving at a very rapid pace, continuously adding functionality and expanding the capabilities of what can be done on the client.

With so much acceleration in the browser space, I’ve found a few podcasts particularly helpful and informative:



Great coverage of CSS, HTML and industry happenings with Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks fame.



Non-Breaking Space

Interview style show with the best and brightest minds on the web.

My favorite episode thus far was their interview of Paul Irish, a member of the Chrome Developer Relations team.


The Web Ahead

The Web Ahead has the longest running time of this list, but because of that they often get into slightly deeper, more nuanced conversation.


Of course, I still listen to Hanselminutes and Herding Code, but they don’t typically cover front end dev.

What front end podcasts do you recommend?

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