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Silk Icons – Contrib


Many great open source projects have corresponding “contrib” projects where people contribute additional functionality, plugins, addons, etc.

For example, I like to use nAnt for my build scripts. I often import additional tasks from the nAnt Contrib project such as their svn and sql tags.  Microsoft’s Enterprise Library also has a great contrib project which adds additional support for MySql, SqLite and Post#.

One library I find myself using most often is a library of free icons by Mark James called Silk.  The set includes 1,000 16×16 icons.  I’m sure you’ve seen them in the wild before.

Mark has an additional, matching icon set of flags from nations around the world.

Even though Mark has provided well over 1,000 icons, I still find myself needing additional icons from time to time.  Mind you, I am not a designer, so many of my attempts to create matching icons end up with me yelling at Photoshop.  That’s when I had a thought: the world needs a Silk Contrib!

A little goggling revealed that I’m not the only one who thinks so.  DamienG has “contributed” an additional 460+ icons to the set. While I don’t have the same artistic abilities as Damien, I have out some decent icons:

  • Certificate: certificate
  • Add Certificate: certificate_add
  • Traffic Light: traffic_light

I figure that everyone must have two or three “silk” icons that they have had to create for some project.  If this is you, then CONTRIB!  Post them up on the web and leave a comment here to we can start pooling these icons together.  Hopefully we can double the size of this icon set collectively.  If you are in need of a particular icon (IE – I could use a hard hat icon.) leave a comment as well – perhaps some designers out there would be willing to help.

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3 thoughts on “Silk Icons – Contrib

  1. needs moar icons!

  2. Any more word on this?

  3. gasyoun on said:

    Great set.

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