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FireFox, meet MSDN

I find myself using FireFox all the time.  I never thought I’d leave IE, but since I develop web applications almost all day long, FireFox’s extensions are invaluable to me.

IE does have a few extensions, but they come nowhere close to FireBug

Anyway’s, since I’m in FireFox, doing web development, I would like to look up web development documentation right in FireFox.

This led me to create my first browser extension – the MSDN Search plugin for FireFox! 


It works exactly how you’d think it would.  It is almost always faster than opening up the .Net or WSS SDK documentation as well.  Please give it a try and let me know what you think.

To use it simply extract and place the two files in your searchplugins folder, usually located at: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins

Once you restart FireFox, MSDN should be available from your search box. 

For those of you who don’t find yourself using the search box that often, here are a few tips to get you up to speed:

  • Ctrl + E selects the search box
  • Ctrl +Up or Ctrl + Down cycles through all your installed search engines
  • Alt + Enter will open up the search results within a new tab

Leave feedback in the comments!


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3 thoughts on “FireFox, meet MSDN

  1. Hi Nik – I work on MSDN Search, it’s great to see your interest!

    Is your plugin different from what you can already get by adding MSDN Search as an OpenSearch provider? To see what we offer, visit any MSDN Search page (e.g. and drop down the list of search engines next to to the search box (this works in both IE and Firefox) and choosing the appropriate menu item:
    – “Add Search Providers > Search MSDN” (IE)
    – “Add Search MSDN” (FireFox)

    BTW, this works because MSDN Search supports the OpenSearch standard ( along with the part of that standard which allows browsers to auto-discover available search providers when you visit a search site. So adding MSDN Search to your browser only takes 2-3 clicks. Cool, eh?

    Thanks again for your interest in MSDN Search– feel free to check out for the latest news about MSDN Search or if you run into problems using our search.

  2. nikmd23 on said:

    Hey Justin!

    I apologize for not approving your comment earlier, it was marked as spam.

    I’m glad to see your tool! I searched forever trying to find MSDN search for Firefox – I didn’t realize that I could have added it all along.

    It doesn’t seem like my search plugin and your search plugin are much different, but I’m switching over to your immediately.

    I’m sure getting changes to the MSDN site aren’t that easy to push through, but perhaps you could advertise this feature a little more on the results page or something?

    Thanks for the heads up on OpenSearch as well, I’m going to look into making a feature for SharePoint sites to support OpenSearch.

  3. RichardF on said:

    Thanks. Shortcuts were very helpful.

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