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SharePoint Tools

Today is my last day at my current company.  I wanted to take a moment and create a list of all the great SharePoint tools I use here – in case I need them in the future.

I really recommend these tools to anyone doing WSS 3.0 development.

Application Pool Manager – System tray tool for restarting individual application pools.

Application Pool Manager 

Debugging Tools for Windows – My main use for this is to store .PDB files in a symbol server.  This makes debugging in SharePoint much easier.

SharePoint Best Practices Analyzer – This is great for checking your SharePoint installation and configuration.  Like all the other “practice analyzers” that Microsoft has put out.

SharePoint Solution Installer – This is the best way to deploy a solution to a client.  No command line nonsense for your client to worry about.

Solution Installer

SharePoint Manager 2007 – GUI to dig into the SharePoint DOM.  Makes it easy to quickly find and even set properties of your farm.

SharePoint Manager 2007

StsAdmWin – GUI for discovering available stsadm commands.  Even finds custom commands!  Great for beginners.

Visual Studio Extensions – Not completely necessary in my opinion, but nice to have.

WSPBuilder – Invaluable!  Builds your wsp files for you – no more messing with ddf and manifest files!

WSS SDK – Who doesn’t need documentation?  This is everything you want to know about WSS.

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Ports Synced

At work we have many SharePoint environments: each developer has their own, plus staging and production.

I went on a small crusade to standardize and sync the port which each environment’s Central Administration site used.  I thought this might be difficult to track down and make all the changes, but it wasn’t stsadm to the rescue.

Just try this:

stsadm -o setadminport -port 100

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Setting Up IIS Application Pools

Today I attempted to change the identity information for the application pool running my main SharePoint site.

I entered a valid username and password and recycled the application pool – but when I visited my site I got a big error message:

Service Unavailable

I looked in the system log and found this message:

The identity of application pool, ‘SharePoint – 80’ is invalid.  If it remains invalid when the first request for the application pool is processed, the application pool will be disabled.  The data field contains the error number.

The event ID for the error was 1021 and the source was W3SVC. To fix this, make sure you are using the proper username and password, and – this is the part I didn’t know about – make sure the user is a member of the ISS_WPG group on the SharePoint server.  When you create an application pool through SharePoint’s Central Administration site SharePoint adds the user to that group for you, so you should only have to worry about this if you are changing the identity after SharePoint has created it.iiswpg

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