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All the Small Things – The Car

Sometimes people ask me how I stay up to date with all the “goings-on” of the development world.

I have a simple trick to stay on top of the deluge of information coming from the community: use the small, inefficient parts of your day to catch up.stopSign

I have found a few different times to inject with some learning: driving, mowing the lawn, exercising and, as much as I’d like not to bring it up, using the restroom.

Today I will focus on how I maximize my time in the car.

Basically I burn a few CD’s every weekend of the podcasts I like to listen to and listen to them as I drive.  (I really wish my car had an auxiliary port – but that’s another topic.)  I’m in my car a good hour a day just driving to and from work and running the miscellaneous errands I have.  Listening to the podcasts actually makes traffic less of a pain.

If you’re unsure what podcasts are good, here’s my developer oriented recommendations:

  1. zune Dot Net Rocks (Pwop Productions) – Obviously this podcast covers .Net and Microsoft related technologies.  It has the best production value I’ve heard out of a podcast and they record two shows a week!
  2. HanselMinutes (Pwop Productions) – Microsoft employee Scott Hanselman is a beast!  This man just oozes information.  He covers all different topics and his employer does not affect his opinion.  This is my “if you only listen to one” podcast.
  3. Run As Radio (Pwop Productions) – At my work I am constantly surrounded by IT Pros.  This show helps me keep up to date with what’s new in their world and helps me understand how to make their lives easier.  Sometimes it even gives me an edge over them!
  4. Security Now (TWIT Network) – Security guru Steve Gibson and ex Screen Savers host Leo Laporte discuss what’s new in the world of computer security.  Very interestingipod stuff!
  5. Windows Weekly (TWIT Network) – Leo Laporte again discussing the world of Windows and Microsoft with Paul Thurrot.  There is also a version of this show for the Apple faithful – Mac Break Weekly.
  6. Diggnation (Revision3) – This is the Wayne’s World of the internet.  Two guys on their couch talking about what hot on the web.  They are very funny, but can be NSFW sometimes.
  7. The GigaOm Show (Revision3) – Om Malik interviews the luminaries of Silicon Valley.   It’s neat to hear what is going on in that space.

I’ve found that the easiest way to manage my CD burning is to use FeedDemon.  It will automatically download any podcast you add to it, and once the podcast has finished downloading it will add it to a playlist of your choice.  (Windows Media Player and ITunes are both supported.)

This works out really well for me because I have a playlist of all my new podcasts in WMP, which I drag to the burn pane and away it goes!  No mess, no fuss.

Stay tuned to this blog for more info on how I maximize my time in the restroom!

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