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Giving Back

This year one of my new years resolutions was to give something back to the development community.  I plan on releasing more code samples and open sourcing any useful utilities that I write.  I also plan to try to contribute to some of the great open source libraries out there that I find myself using everyday.

Well an opportunity quickly arose the first week of the year when I found a small bug in the code base. 

For those of you who have not taken a look at – I highly recommend you do so!  Marko Lahma has done a great job of porting this Java scheduling engine.  It’s highly flexible and reliable, and even though the “1.0” release hasn’t come out yet, it really is production quality.TortoiseSVN's righ click context menu

I’m actually quite surprised that this functionality isn’t baked-in to the framework.  It seems to be highly necessary for a large number of applications.  So necessary in fact that SQL Server has a scheduler built into it, as does SharePoint and Windows too!  I’d like to see a standard implementation of this functionality – just like we have a standard implementation of workflow.

Anyway’s, once I found the bug I fixed it locally and used TortoiseSVN’s “Create patch”  command to generate a patch.  I attached that patch to a bug report I filed on the website on January 7th.  Marko applied the patch to the trunk by day’s end.  It was quite a simple process.

Then on January 20th 0.9.1 was released.  In the release notes there was mention that BUG # 84 – my bug – had been fixed. 

That did it!  I’ve officially contributed code to an open source project, it was accepted and released and is out there to download.  Once you get involved in an open source project you really understand the amazing fortune we have to have access to such great software!

I recommend everyone commit something – even something small.  This must be the feeling Earl has when he crosses something off his list

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