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Small Changes

I’ve noticed recently that Chevron (a gas station in the southeast) has changedchevronLogo their logo.

The new logo is VERY similar to the old one – yet slightly stylized – with some new dimension.  It looks really good light up on the sign; as if they specifically designed it for that purpose.


I love when companies make small subtle changes to their logos to show that they are still current and relevant.  I always thought that UPS did a remarkable job at this as well.

Last week the blog Neatorama put together a nice collection of logo evolutions.  They focused on only tech company logos, and to be honest with you I’d like to see most of those companies update their logos again.

Wired one-upped Neatorama by interviewing Ruth Kedar about her process when designing the Google logo.  The resulting article shows a bunch of logos that could have been.

And finally, speaking of Google’s logo.  Be sure to check out their Doodle 4 Google contest where school aged kids can design a temporary replacement logo for Google centered on the theme “What If..?”.  That’s way more exposure than the coloring contest at your local supermarket!  You can see all of Google’s past doodle logos for an idea of what they might be looking for.

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